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[News] Angels Wrath New Server Launch News

Lekoolgames ( announce the launch of their new Angels Wrath Server.
+ S( n9 `. o4 d$ yAngel’s Wrath, is a browser-based MMORPG from lekoolgames. The game has been considered as one of the best graphic game in the market with cute toon styled characters, vivid background and great game play4 \( P9 Q% e0 t7 V) }
Angels Wrath Server 5 “Ark Angel” goes live on 11th June 2014, 7:00 pm (Noon) US Pacific time.+ Z4 n  J- L' {3 E6 O

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& p2 A  m' d' s6 W% a* BAngel’s Wrath is a new free browser-based fantasy MMORPG inspired by Chinese mythology. Lekoolgames Angel Wrath is beautifully rendered with cute and colorful graphics, soft music and game effects. The game appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers with its MMO like game play, visual artistry and immersive gameplay.; W; l$ D  k& K3 y- F
Players are choose one of four classes – Berserker, Archer, Dancer, Monk and 3 different locations and develop their characters through spirit training, quest exploring, and skill learning., D% j4 V0 P0 S& g  Z
Angel’s Wrath also features amazing cute pets, skill system, guild system, PVP and PVE battles, Dungeon system, world boss and equipment forging system as well as a lot of social features such as wedding system. ! \2 J4 v1 ^& N/ Z/ e6 }

/ @4 D( H, I2 k# W
, Y" A  `6 J' X- X4 f$ _9 PWebsite:      
. ~0 I  I. w  l' K" s. \) wVideo link:
7 \7 }, ~0 d# i+ ]: Q, F  NFacebook Fan page: ... 096396067796?ref=hl
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hunger for it
There's no limit for self-improvement.


5 minutes left, really can't wait now, lol
There's no limit for self-improvement.


why we cant plyed now


Reply 4# 53761d68edd2f , a' l1 y7 u8 q" d1 _/ d3 V

" q3 P" Y1 C& w4 q( A/ C1 _4 `( X' i6 J  ]; C  j* _* B1 F
    what error did you got? I'm currently in-game and there is no issues at all.


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