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[News] Tamer Saga Server 3: "Wonderland" Launch

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Lekool Games is very glad to announce the launch of Server 3 for Tamer Saga ( to welcome more players, invite your friends to join the new chapters of Tamer Saga and enjoy the fun brought by the most romantic, charming and thrilling gameplay.
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Tamer Saga Server 3: Wonderland will be launched on the & b/ {) @5 ]! |$ `3 T/ ]* h% Q; k& U
17th February 2014 at 7:00 PM PST

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; s9 X& P# g9 T1 k& T( Y7 ITamer Saga is a browser-based RPG where you can learn spells, tame pets or beasts forge weapons and eventually engage in the battles with monsters or real players. In the dazzling and fantastic world, you are able to follow an engrossing storyline and reward yourself with refreshing experiences of collecting emblems, taming pets as well as performing various quests. Players can choose from 4 classes: Mage, Priest, Ranger, and Warrior. Players may recruit various monsters and even defeated bosses to join their company. The game supports PvE and PvP, where players gain ranks and rewards.0 E8 {3 ]6 F6 u0 o' M: z
" u# p. _6 j' i7 A) J
If you wanted a chance to play Tamer Saga fresh off the bat this is your chance. : k1 ]  @. v; [
PLAY NOW: http://ts.lekool.com9 U  ^, a9 M) v9 U. a
7 @3 @- g. {9 g4 I! h* i1 z6 D" C9 l
Features:! K, D- q$ k( M5 T
-Class and Pet System- q  z2 \8 X- @0 s; i9 I) s: G
-Toon Styled characters
' j0 [2 i! J* e; b5 S# L, y2 z( C-PVP and PVE battles
' r2 z6 \9 t; G& T5 ?-Slave and Marriage system) e0 J. I0 V( s0 z; S3 }
-Guild war and resource system
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Server 3: Wonderland is now launched! Join us and lets start a new adventure + Y: p9 Z$ j5 m. p- ~9 d; q3 Y

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