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The Best Guilds Out There

Time: 2014 - 01- 29 11:00
% P* l9 _/ u) i. s# r) U* {0 Y/ ~9 h8 K8 h3 k. }# p7 X, q5 d$ \  V
Reward collectionTime:  2014 - 01- 29 11:00 - 2014 - 01- 31 11:007 K$ M* Y9 R. R6 {9 G3 c0 \
7 r7 l* E! P9 o1 l

, o# E5 N" U. m; I  {3 j) s. H5 _Servers: S1001-S1002Server Merge& h2 C; i5 _" _# _

$ q$ S0 S; _/ X' Y6 ], vDescription! U* N7 t( l6 u9 g2 F
On Jan. 29th 11:00,as the ranking stand, the leaders and members of the top five ranked Guildswill obtain rewards.
  O/ W1 x1 [& O- |% c3 |6 n1 x3 i' h) `
Claiming: Click‘Reward’ at the top right of screen to obtain.3 _3 k1 X7 q! `7 M5 ]* B
6 k3 B3 x6 N' m2 @+ i# C
6 o2 D; X* g: E! v: @1 S. J  x8 ?! j+ k
Guild Ranking
) L0 t+ S* I" T" H7 x  _1 d) V
! @3 q) S% S2 f0 Y& J1st:
* p8 S& m! [9 n& @) H3 eGuild LeaderReward: 50 bound gold pads
/ H$ X$ Q0 q' c- d0 k* dMember Reward: 5bound gold coupon
1 c/ b/ b5 o0 e( F% _; D0 A# S$ W' s
- H0 j  F/ F8 \Guild LeaderReward: 40 bound gold pads# \6 E: ?% P. G. C$ d- R2 p
Member Reward: 4bound gold coupon( `$ @2 d% G- H* z7 o

4 T/ t, P& f' h. _; E! @/ p/ @0 D/ |3rd:
8 @5 @2 W9 P/ b2 Q" J$ d# tGuild LeaderReward: 30 bound gold pads
6 F# q4 c& p$ Q6 r, vMember Reward: 3bound gold coupon: ?' i5 x  r4 K) Y3 Q

% M1 `& J" g9 N  Y: m! v# o4th:8 M# k" R0 I- S/ a/ _) E
Guild LeaderReward: 20 bound gold pads& {. c. ]: }8 O' Y/ h
Member Reward: 1bound gold coupon- C* E5 H- c5 G3 D+ u

3 R' N' j: n% Y0 j0 A5th:# I# i" A! L+ B* I
Guild LeaderReward: 10 bound gold pads8 d7 f9 p  r$ T/ i  _: ^8 f
Member Reward: 1bound gold coupon
3 o  s5 J, ~# z/ i' s
: X* c( s6 ?; c: t' D0 s[Note]- X! M) |( v+ M8 B' O8 Y
1.All items arebound.0 k; q* T0 Q, B" o! e
2.Please rememberto collect your reward during the stated collection time.  We cannotgive out rewards after that time.

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There's no limit for self-improvement.

Happy New Year All God Bless us


Reply 2# arez9438 . m, b% V  c- J; j8 i; |& _

+ ~6 i9 Y9 R0 [7 K& k  Happy New Year!
There's no limit for self-improvement.


Ahhhhh, i thought this was for all games. lol  But i will say that our guild on SSS, BloodOfMoon, is by far the best guild in LeKool. No brag, just fact.  O.O% d7 W5 o7 S8 A1 L
Lord Tannose
Leader guild-Penguins!
Leader Association-PenguinsRule


Reply 4# lordtannose
$ m4 [* H$ D( W( G- \5 M" d1 W3 o3 d# e8 _- }

5 S- O8 [) }! |) {8 K$ i6 _    haha you're still so cute, and hope yours will be the best forever.
There's no limit for self-improvement.


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