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[Imp Notice] Account Deletion and Recovery Notice

Dear Players,

we have noticed that many players are deleting their characters in Crystal saga, for various reasons. this is to inform that any character deleted for any reason cannot be recovered anymore. we have found some issue with account recovery system. so any player who deletes their character will not be able to recover their account back and will have to start over as new character again.

any Crystals, Benefits, Items, or money spent will be lost with the character if deleted, please do not make any request to recover account if deleted, such requests will not be entertained. also please note that there is no accidental character deletion, the system asks you to confirm the character deletion by asking to type text before its deletes your character, so please do not type or press delete unless you are sure you want the account deleted.

please also note that if a character is deleted for any other reason like hacking or illegal login, such accounts will be given consideration for account recovery but only after the issue has been verified. please do note that accounts can only be recovered if a character has not been created with same IGN (after the account was deleted). if a character is created with same IGN as account lost, then the account cannot be recovered. we request that players do not give account details to any other player to avoid any unwanted issue.

lekool team
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Although this may make me more unliked by some people (I'm fine with that) I am SO happy that the admins are going to make a stand against SOMETHING with this game.  Please stay true to your word and do not buckle when the begging and pleading from people starts coming in.  I completely agree with this decision and think there should be some additional housecleaning in CS as well.  Thank you so much for your service to the players and I hope more good enforcement of the ToS is to come.


This is a good thing cuz I tend to see that most people delete the account more for free marriage separation. This should now stop them from doing this and taking advantage.
Great work lekool!


I think is very much needed. I know people delete on accident (even though it wont let you delete unless you TYPE delete into the box!), but there were FAR too many people deleting their characters for a free divorce. No, i won't mention any names. But I agree with every word PK said.
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How about you have to type in a code in order to delete your account. Maybe that would be easier so hackers cant delete your account


Mhm, my character got deleted and I'm not really sure what happened with it, I mean I never remembe deleting it, but it might just be that I haven't logged for such a log time.
Is there a way to recover it?


Hi Xian.

i haven't logged in for quite a while in CS, so now that i visited, my character's also gone. i did not delete it, as i had intentions of coming back.

if it's my case, is there a way to recover my old account or is it forever gone?


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