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Know your Crystal Saga Team

Welcome to Crystal Saga!!!

Here is the official list of our hard-working staffs who help us out so much here in-game and forums. Below are the list of Crystal Saga Staff:

GM for Crystal Saga: Chibiii

GH's for Crystal Saga:

Server 1:

Server 2:

Note: Once we get new helpers, this list will be updated.

All Game Helpers are normal players just like you. They play because they enjoy the games and the community and because they have shown themselves to be friendly and community minded, they have been invited by Lekool to be helpers of our game while they are playing.

Game Helper DO NOT have the power to send themselves items or anything that allows them to cheat. Game Helpers DO NOT have game access or control over the game.

Please be careful and refer to this to avoid any confusion and fraud. Please do not give your login to any one expect to administrators if needed. If you have complains and issue to any of our staff, please mail us directly at
Favor Share

GM= game manager?
so what is AGM? im just curious


AGM: Assistant of Game master (or Game Moderator)
GM: Game Manajer


May we get an updated List, please. ty


IGN : ShadowDemon
Server: Celestial
Guild : TotalAnarchy


Me ylo and myst are no longer s1 ghs but in our place there is Ceinhard and Venice. Lol though im still happy to help with anything if you ask nicely
The light shines its brightest only when surrounded by shadows...


Oh and idk for s2 lol
The light shines its brightest only when surrounded by shadows...


Why i just become the one and only that player now?


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