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[Notice] Lekool users hacked

i find over the internet that the falowing users r hacked  of their pwProgram:    Google Chrome# D2 Z4 `4 M4 H( z4 O6 y
- n0 X0 K6 I: ?2 m% k4 e5 Y( {7 S% Z  L3 nLogin:
' h) V# y& c) G$ E* lPassword:  ******
0 P  E, U9 r( L! b  w) {) X) DComputer:    PEDROLAPTOP-PC0 Y/ m1 N' C" N7 U
  Program:        Mozilla Firefox
. m+ ~7 A% z2 k    Url/Host:' F* R) {0 z/ M
    Login:          www.G.starwolf123@gmx.de3 w! S0 Z% [0 c6 c+ d( \) D/ T
    Password:      ******" H8 T) A) J- u; b0 i- Y4 y
    Computer:       X3N0X-PC" K3 c$ Q  [/ s4 a* w% _& i2 w9 p
    Date:           2012-06-13 13:30:33
7 G, H5 }, r( G+ M8 n
& U7 g' h; K3 C% RHost: ?' W4 Z3 t4 y; X6 o( V, N' D9 d+ ^
User: CrushEveryone@gmail.com7 b* A: k  U% `+ t& A6 E
Password: *****

  Z( J5 y, b' T0 }3 \; r  h- [$ l7 m* m) ^8 `0 i
( f1 r5 _0 b$ I' Y9 h
Program:        Google ChromeUrl/Host:                armany_printu_la_femei@yahoo.comPassword:        *******Computer:        ANONYMOU-983F18Date:                2013-01-07 08:09:06please advise the above users to change thair passwordsi will poste here more if i find it
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