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[News] Lekool Warflow Server 3 launch news

Lekool Inc. ( is a fast growing publisher of online browser based games, with the sole aim to provide a fun and joyous environment to the growing online gaming community. lekool games has always believed in pushing the boundaries of online gaming, for our 4 million plus players by bringing the best and most exciting games available.6 w" g8 Q5 z* v
After the very successful launch of Odin Quest, lekool games brings you a brand new server for Warflow named “Divulgence”, Warflow is real-time strategy game that includes traditional MMORTS features like City building, Hero Management, resource management and battles.  s; S# e" b6 T' z9 I+ b: ^# ^
Warflow New Server “Divulgence” Launches on 20th February 2013 at 7:00 PM PST
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) E$ y- W5 k& p- [, FWarFlow is a browser-based city building and real time strategy game. The game is set in an ancient land, where people are suffering from years of war between three nations. Gamers will play the heroes to save this land from chaos. Unlike other average war games, where gamers have to wait a long time before enough resources are collected and required buildings are built. In WarFlow, buildings are finished instantly and no wait on training required for soldiers. With no redundant tasks involved, gamers are able to focus on strengthening their Heroes by training, improvement, technologies and equipment’s.great graphics, a fast paced game, ferocious battles and various other systems await you in new server of warflow.
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