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[News] Lekool Odin Quest Launch Delay notice

Dear Players,* n" b- P$ i5 e2 d
we are deeply sorry to announce that due to some technical issues beyond our control, we will have to postpone the launch of Odin Quest for 24 hours. the launch will now be on 15th January 2013, 7:00 PM PST; b% J0 y, v6 `9 t2 d& [  b' R

: B  H3 n5 u" e& O# P' \; M7 W" _' E1 d$ {/ r: }
we are deeply sorry about the trouble and inconvenience caused to all our beloved players by this. we hope to see you all at the new launch time. in meantime please do not forget to try other games at lekool.
; J- H/ a" ^; ~
$ ?6 {$ R3 m) E* r, a9 c- vThanks
. ~! E+ o, m7 N& i* ~/ f, O& H" Slekool team
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