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[Guide] Runes Inlaying System

The Dwarf Blacksmith masters a skill of endowing armors and weapons with magic. They endow the armors and weapons with special skills through inlaying some special items into them. A huge amount of armors and weapons were left behind after the chaos of Gods’ war, but the fatuous human took off the runes and contracts from the Soulblades, thus these Soulblades lost the skills. Now, warriors from northern Europe will reforge their unique Soulblade.
Shapes and types of runes
Players can get runes through Valkyrja's Test, trade and treasure hunt. There are 8 types of runes: Attack, Defense, HP, Magic, Dodge, Accuracy, Crit Rate and Crit Damage, which is divided into 8 levels. Lv1-Lv4 are Junior Runes; Lv5-Lv8 are Senior Runes.
        The shapes of Junior Runes are fixed and correspond to the shapes of slots in the weapons and equips.

        Junior Runes
            The shapes of Senior Runes can be changed through Verification. The Verification can also change the Prefixes of Senior Runes, while the Junior Runes cannot be verified.

Prefixes and verification of runes

The original shape of Senior Runes looks like, but it cannot be used directly. Double click it in the Inventory to see the true shape of the Senior Runes;
        [Fusion of runes]
        Through Fusion, Junior Runes can be improved to Senior Runes.
        Rules of Fusion:
        1.It requires 4 runes of same kind to fuse rune, and the fused rune is one level higher than the highest one of the 4. In the fuse, if there is any bound rune among the 4, the fused rune will be ultimately bound rune; if the 4 runes are all unbound, the fused rune will be unbound one.
        2.If there is any Lv8 rune in the 4, it can't fuse.
        3.If the fused rune is a senior one between Lv5-Lv8, it must be an unverified one.
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need help on where to farm the relic frags?
aries (shrine church lobby),scorpio?
taurus (crack veneer 2f) ,
aquarius (devil square)
pisces (devil square)

please correct if im mistaken about where to farm, ty


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