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[News] Lekool Senatry Server 4 launch News

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Lekool games ( announces the launch of its new server of Senatry:   Regillus. The new server will be a GMT +8 server to cater to lekool’s growing Asian population.   C, y1 K  }7 ]3 \) {3 k# v
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A free to play MMORTS, Senatry ( offers the best gameplay of RTS, RPG and city-building simulation. It also has the best battle system of World Exploration, Farm Wars, Ranch Wars, Domain Wars and League Wars. Millions of players are already enjoying it. , W0 B. O# K4 N  D7 U5 c6 s6 {
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- E/ O0 }% ^9 B) i0 T" z--        Brilliant Graphic system . Y% u- m( r- C5 s( z5 t. W
--        Diverse Units and Arrays( R1 h: _' }; Q$ o" i3 u6 y  Y+ [  P
--        Great family wars
9 c0 D# w1 U4 e! h1 o3 i# |" j--        Territory seizing
" S6 E8 I+ w, S# F( k( ~--        Season system% _, ]# k; [# `' u% W/ p
--        Detailed statistics in battle report8 g7 N4 w# R- i
--        No Download required and stepwise loading system which reduces the game loading time

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* U/ _/ d( V5 o5 }: X; g" A# URegillus (Senatry server 4) will officially launch to all the players on 19th November 2012 at 7:00 PM PST5 C6 L! ^$ B5 d$ ~: ?

- p7 ?& v5 Z3 d5 y8 R( I- h
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