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[Notice] In Case of Missing gold from Payments

Dear Players,+ P/ @! y+ l1 H: I

3 v# Z' o) U; P: TWhenever you have a payment failure, Please contact a admin in forums or mail us at or with the following details
: n: T& q# O" m# G1 M* P! RUsername :: R. L0 j2 J2 Z6 v
Ingame Name/Role Name :
+ O* Y1 A  Y3 O: m0 E5 [7 O, hMissing payment amount :
/ @. E7 {* t; A" _- Y4 ^Missing gold amount :
. ^  y) J7 R) EServer paid on :1 s4 R7 e3 S* f9 a8 g( Y8 S4 O8 G% O$ c  S
Transaction ID :: x7 y6 _% Z1 M! Q9 n+ ^) w
Date & time of transaction :
% h! X3 `7 s* Tpayment method used :
: D/ ^5 g- Q/ ?4 h! B3 o5 ?+ pemail ID for paypal :
8 k; i; f' J6 D7 E! Q7 u2 xreceipt of Transaction :
3 R" ^; n: e: c* ?/ Escreenshot of transaction :
& x' G$ J. A0 J- P2 x7 w. H+ b

0 I, O8 F0 e; z+ M6 p5 Z$ x4 q8 H! fonce you get these details, we will try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.3 l( w* C: w. G
! e  p9 V! A- }" P; b; N1 p1 U+ u
Please Note :: j9 i4 f# H" K! c! e" h9 W7 t
Please email and contact only admins with the following details, do not send the details to anyone else to prevent any fraud
3 R' y; m% a7 [. Z7 F
: o2 @3 y9 [, a- }Thanks " K, y- t- B6 v  Y
lekool team
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