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[New Game Launch] Star Supremacy

Lekool games, leading global publisher of free-to-play online games is proud to announce the Beta launch of the new free web MMO Star Supremacy. Prepare your tactics, charge your lasers and plan your path of colonization before our big launch. The Close Beta will launch on March 31st, 2012 at 7:00 PM PST.; s1 ^2 z6 {, D; N9 D' y

9 n* g9 P" _: b$ r" B, A& u( M, H1 ]" q
3 i4 |2 b: ~+ a( P$ K
Game Features5 Z3 i# v4 ]' }0 [% v3 t3 Z% v* m# {

) F" h: ^* V7 I1 DFaction Brief
( B1 Q* B# y1 A( `Three major factions all have their own features and merits, which add the interest of the game and provide real replayability.% c: ~# e( S/ Z

8 C8 X8 E1 v6 d3 X  `- u: K+ {Planet Scene
9 ?1 z6 m$ L& V# aColonize many different planets; each with its own resources, dangers and environments. Experience the beauty of alien worlds./ ]: |! \0 M% z6 z- e
! I$ L1 _3 Y0 R& u
Planet Construction. i7 E: N% _4 ]# [6 C" w( c
Construct buildings within planetary colonies. Strategic building placement increases production and colonies can be expanded to fully exploit the planet’s resources.
" B$ C- Z. K7 b4 D% N% Z1 m1 t# M3 M. X9 {6 n, u
Leader System
, P+ }% O! a) B" m7 c+ [( ]' l) KCultivate your leaders by allocating stat points freely. Every improvement toward the elite will help both your colonies and your fleets!- n& a3 F1 l" Y9 K0 C
; x$ I: H2 j7 E2 L, Z5 \
Reborn Leader: k: a  k) h: s3 y7 \: u8 ]& C
Alliances using highly sought after longevity tokens can take their leaders to be reborn into more powerful masters.
" X: c2 A! a8 j+ q  l$ ?* w4 v, A& n7 \5 Z2 @
Research System
% j- U$ K% V& [8 j- xWide & unique research tree allows players to progress their own way to glory and power. Over 100 research topics to discover with many powerful ship chassis and weapons to unlock.
* y" ]/ n0 i$ H$ o+ i6 p3 {1 m
) J! A1 n6 X' D! P! oSpacecraft System9 S/ S1 E1 g) r
Original spacecraft assembly system that allows endless choice to build the perfect war ships. Learn about your enemy and reinforce your armada to exploit them with endless strategy.
% B- C6 K/ ]$ I$ S0 O" K# d5 ?) r- ^5 Z. E% ]. I& c0 r$ r, K
Battle System7 o) O/ w5 C8 ?/ o' v
Double battle mode with manual rounds & automatic control. Mix traditional RPG elements and new tactics to defeat overwhelming odds.! Q+ c! m% a8 e& i3 S1 @) d" }% `
  M5 k$ `0 Z( U! h& X' x
Trade System
; a/ m# r( C& N2 c! {3 aOriginal trade route. Initiate automatic trade within your empire and protect your links from attack. Brand new market system, can you make the first universe magnate?
3 Z  B( o! Y7 B0 w$ V
( |& W/ F3 r1 }Quest System
$ b  C# O0 X3 k( [7 ?) w- WPerfect quest system that guides you into the game. Live through the classic star story. You are the very supreme universe commander!  y9 h* c" S6 m' \: V1 M

' k! T, Y( D* S% e3 h7 V$ z  _3 Y1 IAlliance System2 Q. m3 ~# Q1 j" r. T7 k+ B( b
Join an alliance to receive the many benefits awaiting you.% @! _5 ?  [* V( G+ V# w, `# @
1. Bonus credit from trade
& S* d8 @* p! _0 \2 E& {7 R2. Research with your allies. h; h% e1 U; F2 k( d
3. Allow allies to garrison' U* ]. Q7 E! x9 _1 g% l8 n
4. Conquer planetary bases8 A+ U8 S0 U5 P! A
5. Have a friend to watch your back!# T2 _9 I* c1 H( p( b

$ J* _0 a- S4 P# M( w. UEquipment Collection+ o; @8 A* Q, x9 W6 I
Search the planets to collect powerful equipment and artifacts to strengthen your leaders. Collect entire sets or seek out the rarest items to further your empire.( P9 q) ?0 u* Z( i2 b0 M7 s

  @3 ^9 ~( J6 u$ j7 ~+ iRanking System; b/ x9 a( |/ V) p7 V9 ]' o1 B
Every player gets a real chance at glory with multiple ranking tables in all parts of the game. Regular rewards are given to those who actively try to improve their standings!
$ [$ S6 u& F! O9 q- |$ Z/ _
+ j/ T/ Z" y/ y0 D# YStar Battle
. |5 q/ a# k7 U0 Z8 X) w  O( sIntergalactic battles will be added also.
, r  E1 @# H+ yOnce you have conquered your star, you and your alliance will face greater challenges as you expand your empire to the galaxy!
  g; F" s, V: a+ L" R
+ {2 W$ J, i1 m& MOther Features
+ Y* \' R: j( o( p: ?/ k, E1. Players are rewarded for returning each day.0 K$ E. a) _' K. S* D6 }) u
2. Ability to exchange low-level equipment sets to gain higher level items!
& A5 [+ |$ U" |4 K. m6 v" V, o% W3. Challenge dangerous alien bases with your allies to gain planet wide protection and items!
0 S+ r) ?7 w/ b, l0 g4. And more!2 u: Z' s9 X: j

/ c- R# p' R1 a7 ?3 tLekool games will give all closed beta testers 1000 Gold to spice up the gameplay and some unique events await you." d( n0 X0 M8 \# ^1 o& F
0 n- d7 S7 v# s# h! Z, b0 l3 ^
3 C* O( ?4 a9 B7 Y  ^, e5 m- X0 R  w
Game Link : P+ X, h/ [- k# `3 b
Video link :
/ f5 S( p7 d2 Y. e: H( eFacebook Fan page link :
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