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[News] lekool Senatry Server 3 launch News

LeKool games one of the leading global publishers of free-to-play online games are delighted to announce the launch of Senatry Server 3, experience the next generation of browser based RPG game play and waiting for you on the server are many new and exciting updates and Ingame events for your added enjoyment.
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Sentry Server 3 “Brutus” will be launched on 16th February 2012 at 7:00 PM PST time
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Take on a mission to restore the glory of Rome through conquering lands and forging your own empire. Enjoy defeating your enemies, building your own kingdom and conquering the world.+ P9 b% K: y$ y6 d8 L
With splendid scenes and constructions of ancient Rome, you'll choose a family with unique advantages meant specifically for that family. Use cunning strategies and tactics, fight with your friends and league members in various wars, such as world-wide expeditions, unlimited league wars, and exciting farm wars. Watch the battle result replay with animations and detailed statistics and learn new skills to improve your strength. Choose from a plethora of diverse units and heroes, for nail biting NPC battles, and view detailed statistics in battle report to analyze and formulate better strategy/ C9 b; ?- p) o7 H* x
Some new additions to the game system brings more excitement to the game play, new features included are! Q* `/ |) b4 a3 z
-- Fair System, D' k1 ^8 i8 l2 h$ |. O
-- Mall System
  Y8 |: j3 P9 Z+ Q3 L. w! j3 l-- Speed up Cards
( S/ T7 j8 r* d0 k) Y-- Wheel of Fortune
8 E0 Y/ Z1 c1 D-- New map addition to game Dacia and Hun! U; |/ A* e5 ^) d: n/ a
-- New X-shaped array

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, V8 E% h6 }. k% ^3 Y6 C  C
: l; ^8 l- L" l8 x* \Note: the new features are to be updated on 26th Feb, 2012
8 C( H' f8 N- ]3 s% q6 V
: I: O) `9 x9 m: C. I0 zEvents :
: j* L$ L; t: S; ?* HSenatry S3 Event info -- ... &extra=page%3D1
$ l  I/ v& @+ k4 E9 kSenatry S3 Recharge Event -- ... &extra=page%3D1/ J2 V# [  b2 A( l
Senatry S3 Advertize event -- ... &extra=page%3D16 m9 g/ x8 K3 w6 K
7 T0 W  u  @$ U. b5 f, U* t0 I+ e
, u5 H9 l  I4 z. @  olekool team
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