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[News] Server Maintenance for DC & LOA&FOS

Dear Players,
; x, V8 @- `$ D; s
9 ^4 r+ y5 ^0 P. p8 Y! e, uIn order to provide a better and stable gaming experience, we will undertake a routine Server Maintenance for dragons Call, FOS and Lords Of ages on 31st Jan 2011. The Maintenance move our datacenter.& _7 l8 v- I: k: ~5 F
During the maintenance, the players will not be able to access Lords Of ages, FOS and Dragons call, while other games will not be affected by this maintenance, The maintenance will last around 3- 4 hours. we encourage players to try out other lekool games during the maintenance period.
9 i2 g* W& v) E2 D8 N. Q+ `
! {% I8 |8 c! u- r" P+ UMaintenance Duration :
31st January 2012 6:00 PM PST to 10:00 PM PST ( the maintenance time may vary depending on technical factors, so the time frame is just indicative)
9 v( J* i# ~5 ]9 H( O
1 F" |2 G: y  o! K- eWe appreciate your patience and support in advance & thank you for your understanding.
, S; |% X* V& D/ B9 Z( f
3 g3 F: r8 @, X& JThanks
8 h( c# |  K% N/ C7 }, `& elekool team
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Reply 1# xianhu 5 u& I2 h' y! }- @, ~# z+ u: f- ^6 X
+ L- L- u2 s# N) ?% {" Q7 S! e

5 w- f3 Z& V/ g( R) P# q! W6 d1 z% o    Cannot login Pls fix it fast?
5 H4 j5 F; h, C+ R* w1 b6 s- k    Thanks.


Reply 2# ktanbeng5 1 Q* |( ^3 E+ m- m
, C. }" L6 ~7 \6 N8 `, y

( K4 r3 X2 c8 [8 f# }1 z- C    our techs are working on it... we will just post notice once its up.. sorry about for the troubles and inconvenience


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