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% g( w- ?7 P" Y( POur hosting company will be performing global maintenance on the hosting backbone. During this change, Engineers will be implementing a number of policy changes along with correcting existing policies. Previously scheduled maintenance uncovered issues with existing policies that were required to perform the backbone maintenance. These policies must be corrected before the true backbone changes can be implemented. Due to the scope of this change, the work has been scheduled for the following day:9 {4 }5 Z! d2 B8 f. `
7 B3 C( I3 S- P; W

& {* y, q) E. k4 LSunday, September 18th 00:01 - 08:00 CDT. y8 y, {/ m: p2 O

* E- b$ j  T6 E2 x
5 s7 t) d4 X2 N: B4 z6 HDuring this maintenance, customers will likely experience periods of latency/packet loss and may experience complete loss of connectivity for brief moments as configurations are updated. This will also impact customer traffic between datacenters on the public and private networks. Engineers will make all attempts to mitigate the impact to customers.6 ^, i2 n4 U) T
& |7 O- Y  Y. Y1 R0 R# `$ l
==================================================. {" h, R& q2 X6 Q. e

9 H3 m6 A3 M3 s$ y) U+ S9 lWe appreciate your patience during this work and welcome your feedback.
3 ]( n5 d3 j3 tLekool Team .
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