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[Maintenance Notice] Routine maintenance for LOA, Poke elf & FOS

Dear Players,
+ R% h8 r) x2 f) L( y& I
# Y4 L6 ^: g+ D$ aTo ensure a smooth, Stable and lag free gaming environment, we will undertake a routine server maintenance for Fantasy Of Swords, Poke Elf & Lords Of Ages.
" b) y- N1 L7 P, F# b* ^9 n2 z) ^The maintenance is expected to last for about  2 - 3 hours depending on technical factors. the maintenance might affect the lekool home page as well, so we request the players to use the sub pages
/ h0 w) x0 Z/ C  g- q8 w) l. xlike
' v1 f/ j6 J$ m, ^7,,,,,
* T: E  g) ]" Y- H. a1 J6 J+ |5 l% H
players will not be able to login FOS, LOA and poke elf and the main page might be slugglish or slow to load, during the server maintenance, we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused to our beloved players by this issue.
$ Z, O) c+ ]4 s+ k$ e4 J
  k0 x& W4 C+ z- f6 @0 ZMaintenance Time : 11:00 AM PST to 1:30 PM PST, 12th Sept 2011
( o  C; t5 ]. j) |6 O8 H( d8 m6 a0 o3 L6 H: [, ]2 H0 Z- A9 z1 F/ e
We appreciate your patience and support during the maintenance period, we invite the players to try other games at lekool during the maintenance.7 Q8 i6 v7 p' W. ^7 j. r" q7 Z$ Y
Thank you for your support and we are sorry about any inconvenience caused to the players.
3 I5 v1 A; v7 ?1 e3 `1 X. A) d: K# K! v6 }0 y3 R
Thankfully yours ) R! _6 y2 P" k- m, s
lekool team
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aloso good 2 know i play alot your browser games  



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