How do I report to Administrator?

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Open a post, at the bottom right hand side you can see: "Edit" , "Quote", "Report", "Rate", "Reply" etc. Click the report to enter report page, insert "my comments", click "report" button to finish the action.

How do I use "Print","Recommend","Subscribe","Favo

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When you browse a post, at the top of right hand side you can see: "Print" , "Recommend" , "Subscribe" , "Favorite". Click the selection to finish your action.

How do I Add Forum Buddy?

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Setting Forum buddy have 3 Method:

* When you browse the post, you'll need to click "publish date" Right side "add as buddy" set as forum buddy
* When you browse other user personal messenge, you can click the bottom of avatar "add as buddy" set as your buddy
* You can at member''s cp buddy list add buddy as friend

How do I use RSS?

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At forum home page and when you enter forum page, the top of right hand side have a Rss small image . Use your mouse to click it, it will have rss address, you can use this rss address to Subscription.

How do I clean Cookies?

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Cookie is preserves by the browser in the system. At the forum bottom of right hand side will have a "Clear Cookies" function. Click it and it'll help you clear all the Cookies.

Here is the 3 types of Browser clear Cookies way: (Notice: This function is been using for clear all Cookies, please use it wisely)

* Internet Explorer: The tool (option) in Internet option -> convention option card, IE6 may see directly deletes Cookies the button click then, IE7 is “the browsing historic record” in option deletion click then clear spatial Cookies. Regarding Maxthon, leaps IE core browsers and so on news TT to be equally suitable
* FireFox: Tool -> option -> privacy → Cookies → demonstrated that in Cookie may carry on corresponding to Cookie the deletion operation
* Opera: Tool -> first choice item -> high-level → Cookies → manages Cookies then to carry on the deletion to Cookies the operation

How do I contact Administrator?

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You can use the button "contact us" to contact us quickly. You can aslo send us the message through the management team user information .

How do I open Personal Space?

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When you logging to forum, at the home page of beside the username, top of the left hand side can be enter your personal space .

How do I add my threads to my space?

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If you have the permission to open "my personal space", at your publish topic click" add to my space". Your publish topic and reply will add inside your space diary.