How do I Post Message?

[ Open ]

After logging, click the send P.M. button, enter Private Message (PM) management.
Click [Send mail] button, at"send to" there insert receiver username, insert tittle and message then click submit (or Ctrl + Enter to send) to send the P.M.

If you want to save the message to your draft, please tick "save to Inbox"
  • Click inbox to check your message
  • Click draft to check the message you have save
  • Click receive to check that receiver already read the message or not
  • Click search P.M. through keyword, sender, receiver etc to search your P.M.
  • Click export P.M. can export P.M. to html format then save to computer
  • click Ignore List can setting ignore person, when this ignore been added user send the mail to you will cancel

How do I Post Friends Message?

[ Open ]

After logging, click P.M., then send P.M. If you have buddy, at the back of buddy group click select all, can select all buddy and send P.M.

How do I view Forum Members' Data?

[ Open ]

Click the user in the column to display forum member data. Attention: You'll need to reach a level of active in forum to check the information.

How do I use Search?

[ Open ]

Click the Search button, insert the keyword then select the board you want to search.

How do I use User CP?

[ Open ]

User must Login to use this function. If you have not registered, please Register first.
After logging, the top right of forum will have a "User CP" link click it and you can view your information.