How do I post a thread in a forum?

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At forum board, click "new post". If you have the permission you can see "vote, reward, activity, trade", click those function to enter the publish pages.

Attention: General forum will set high level user group to publish this four type of topic. To publish normal topic you have to just click "new post", off course you also can use the bottom of the board "quick post" to publish new topic(if the function is open). General forum also can set after logging seen can publish new topic/post.

How do I reply a post?

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Reply post has three choices:

First: Bottom of the post the function quick reply
Second: At the bottom of your right hand side click "reply"
Third: Fully reply page, click "New post" beside button "reply".

How do I edit my post?

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Below the post, right hand side , there are options for edit, reply ,report etc. Click edit then you can edit the post.

How do I sell my thread?

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# Sell topic: After you enter posting page, if you have the permission to sell a topic, at "Price(money)" there input your price, then if other user need to read this post they need to pay first before they want read.

# Buy topic: Browse the topic that you want to buy, at the bottom of the post following messenge have [check the payment record] [buy topic] [back] etc, click "buy topic" to buy.

How do I sell or buy attachment?

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# Upload attachment have a column to input price, input the price need user to pay before download.

# Click post [Buy Attachment] button or click download attachment forward to buying attachment pages, after the payment is sure submit it then you can download the attachment. you just need to pay one time to have forever download permission.

How do I upload attachment?

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When you publish new post , to upload attachment:
Step: After you write your post's title and message, click the bottom of your right hand preview button. Browse a file and upload the attachment, click submit to finish.

When reply a post uplaod attachment:
Step: Finish writing your messege then click preview. Browse the file and upload, click submit to finish.

How to publish a thread with picture and words?

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When you want to publish new topic, click on left side of the upload appendix “[insertion]” the link to insert the appendix mark to the thread in the suitable position.

How do I use Discuz code?

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BBCode Effect
[b]BOLD Abc[/b] BOLD Abc
[i] Italics Abc[/i] Italics Abc
[u]Underline Abc[/u] Underline Abc
[color=red]RED[/color] RED
[size=3]Front Size 3[/size] Front Size 3
[font=Arial]Front Arial[/font] Front Arial
[url]http://www.distown.net[/url] www.distown.net (Hyperlink)
[url=http://www.distown.net]DisTown English Discuz! Resources[/url] DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum (Hyperlink)
[email]myname@distown.net[/email] myname@distown.net(E-mail Link)
[email=myname@distown.net]DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum Email Support[/email] DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum Email Support(E-mail Link)
[quote]DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum is a free resource center for you![/quote]

Original posted by Admin on 2008-01-01 08:45
DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum is a free resource center for you!
[code]DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum is a free resource center for you![/code]

DisTown English Discuz! Resources Forum is a free resource center for you!
[hide]Hide Abc[/hide] Effect:only user reply seen can view this post?if not it will display as You should reply to see hide Information
[hide=20]Hide Abc[/hide] Effect:Only Credit more than 20 seen can view this message?if not it will display as**** Hide Message - Reply To View This Post *****
[list][*]List #1[*]List #2[*]List #3[/list]
  • List #1
  • List #2
  • List #3
[img]http://www.discuz.net/images/default/logo.gif[/img] Post display as:
[img=88,31]http://www.discuz.net/images/logo.gif[/img] Post display as:
[media=400,300,1]Multimedia URL[/media] Insert multimedia to post width 400 heigh 300 automatically play
[fly]Flying Effect[/fly] Flying Effect
[flash]Flash URL [/flash] insert Flash animation
[qq]123456789[/qq] Insert QQ online status -click this can chat with her/him
X[sup]2[/sup] X2
X[sub]2[/sub] X2

How do I use smilies?

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The emotion is an expression mark which is expressed with the character. If you open the emotion function, forum will transform the marks into small image, demonstration in thread. We support these expressions:

Smile Symbol Smile Icon