Fourm Jump Keywords List

[ Open ]

Discuz! supports comstomize quick jumping, when you finish some operations, you can jump to other page directely without tips. You need to add keyword in quick jumping page setting page(Admin CP-->Interface)[Tips ]), let some tips not show and jump directely. There is some common keywords below:

Keywords Tips Page or function
login_succeed Login Succeed
logout_succeed Logout Succeed
thread_poll_succeed Poll Succeed
thread_rate_succeed Rate Succeed
register_succeed Register Succeed
usergroups_join_succeed Add Extended Group Succeed
usergroups_exit_succeed Exit Extended Group Succeed
usergroups_update_succeed Update Extended Group Succeed
buddy_update_succeed Update Buddy Succeed
post_edit_succeed Edit Post Succeed
post_edit_delete_succeed Delete Post Succeed
post_reply_succeed Reply Succeed
post_newthread_succeed Post New Thread Succeed
post_reply_blog_succeed Post New Thread in Blog Succeed
post_newthread_blog_succeed Post Reply in blog Succeed
profile_avatar_succeed Modify Avatar Succeed
profile_succeed Update Personal Profile Succeed
pm_send_succeed Send Message Succeed
pm_delete_succeed Delete Message Succeed
pm_ignore_succeed Update Message Ignore List Succeed
admin_succeed Operation Succeed
admin_succeed_next  Manage Succeed and jump to next operation
search_redirect Search Finished, Now redirect to Result List